"Art that is full of energy, by putting her emotions within each piece, her paintings then seem to resinate with others."

About Ameio

In school I would doodle all over my books and found concentration hard unless I had a pen in my hand. People around me started to notice how passionate I was about sketching and appreciating other artist’s skills and pure talent. Even as a young adult I would spend all of my time doodling during work times and on any pieces of paper I could find.

When I started to attend a local art group with a friend from my work, I discovered a real passion in painting and could use different materials at home. The pictures grew and grew and suddenly paintings started to appear all over my house. The more the canvases I used my friends and family started to encourage me to sell my artwork.

Here I am today, with my own website and still hundreds of pictures waiting to go to new homes, I would love to make painting my full time job as I love it so much.

Confusion 2007

Confusion 2007

After joining my local art class and learning about acrylics, I painted at home the picture “Confusion” I then decided that acrylic paints were so versatile and easy to use that almost every painting since has been in acrylic on canvas.