"Art that is full of energy, by putting her emotions within each piece, her paintings then seem to resinate with others."


Future Exhibitions

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Past Exhibitions

Movement Gallery - April 2014

Ameio is exhibiting some of her new pieces at the Movement Gallery ran by Bristol Artist Shaun Henry, in Bristol's Galleries Shopping Centre.

Trinity Centre Christmas Arts Market - 7th December 2013

Ameio was at the 2013 Trinity Centre Christmas Arts Market along with fellow Bristol artists GUTS'art, Willmott & Monkey's art.

Movement Gallery - August to October 2013

Ameio showcased a selection of her work at the Movement Gallery in Bristol's City Centre ran by Bristol Artist Shaun Henry

Mivart Artists Open Studios - 13th & 14th October 2012

Ameio took part in the 'Mivart Artists Open Studios 2012' Mivart Raw - a revealing Open Studios Weekend Doors where ajar and studios where left undressed as Mivart Artists offer a candid look inside these normally hidden spaces, it was a chance to see the work and practices of the 30+ artists and creative businesses that occupy this huge building.